POLY-CHAR is a nonprofit, non-governmental organisation devoted to creating a friendly environment to share information, organise student exchange and cooperation, to hold international meetings and to provide a platform for scientist from all over the word in the field of Materials Science, in particular Polymer Characterization and Polymer Materials Science and Technology.

An important goal of POLY-CHAR is to offer a forum for PhD students and young researchers to create their own scientific networks and experience a true scientific community. POLY-CHAR is rooted in polymer synthesis, characterization, processing, application, recycling, education and its environmental/social consequences.

The activities and structure of the organisation are determined by the Scientific Committee (SciCom). This committee is composed of eminent scientists from around the world with an interest in the areas of activities of the organisation. The members of the committee take an active part in the activities of the organisation and contribute to the expansion and functioning of the organisation and its meetings.

POLY-CHAR has stablished its annual conference series under IUPAC sponsorship. In the past few years, POLY-CHAR 2019 were successfully held in Kathmandu, Nepal. POLY-CHAR 2020 will be hold in Venice, Italy.

Endorsed by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

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